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Condominium and Homeowner Association Representation
Welcome to The Law Office of Joyce Goodman-Guenther P.A Joyce Goodman-Guenther is Board Certified by The Florida Bar in Condominium & Planned Development Law. Since opening in 1991, Joyce Goodman-Guenther P.A. has represented individuals, corporations, condominium and homeowner associations in a wide variety of matters. We pride ourselves on the  personal attention we give to our clients. Our firm is founded on the principles of proactive innovative solutions to both simple and complex legal issues. We help find solutions with integrity and ethical accountability. Joyce Goodman- Guenther P.A. has earned a reputation for excellence in client service. We pride ourselves on being responsive to client inquiries, which means calls are answered promptly and clients are treated with respect. Though we primarily focus our attention on cases involving condominium law and homeowner association matters, we also provide a variety of legal services to our clients. Some of the areas of practice include real estate closings, business law and mediation services. Joyce Goodman-Guenther is a Florida Supreme Court Certified County, Civil and Appellate mediator. Alternative dispute resolution can be a less costly and empowering process to resolve your dispute.
Board Certified Condominium & Planned Development Law